Kiddiewink: Preschool in Abu Dhabi & Mussafah

A strong foundation in social, pre-academic and basic life skills is crucial for children to leg up their performances in school and beyond. Preschools in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah offer the finest environment for your children to explore, discover themselves, interact with others, and build self-confidence. Gift your child a safe and happy environment to develop life skills and invest in their future with Time Master Skill Development Center, UAE.

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Our Preschool Features

Discover Our Pre-school Possibilities

High-quality daycare education is a lifetime investment that parents make for their children. At Time Master Skills Development Center, We offer you a balanced and quality curriculum based on research and best practices for children starting from the age of 3. Our program combines play, skill building, social-emotional development activities, and structured academics to ensure your child's success.

Time Master's Pre-School Classes Key Focus

Time Master’s Preschool Classes focus on building a solid foundation for learning, and social and emotional development that will benefit your child as they progress further in academics.

  • Develop children’s sense of balance, coordination, speed, and endurance with Fun activities.
  • Learning through sensory experiences- Smell, Taste, Hear, Touch and See
  • Develop Language and Communication Skills through (listening, reading, singing, talking etc).
  • Equip children with classroom manners and make them ready for kindergarten classes.
  • Develop gross motor and fine motor skills in kids with physical development activities.
  • Developing environmental, Community and Social Awareness by interacting with peer groups.
  • Developing Numerical skills and literary skills both writing and oral (Letters, numbers, rhymes etc).
  • Develop self-confidence, this helps children learn how to wash their hands, go to the bathroom, etc.

Importance Of Preschool For Your Kid’s Development

Children gain a lot from going to preschool because they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes there. But, more importantly, they develop social and emotional skills and learn how to get along with other children, share and contribute. Our preschool provides;
  • Foundation for learning, both socially and academically.
  • Opportunity for kids to be in a structured setting
  • Prepare children for elementary school where things get more academic
  • Help your child develop socially and emotionally.
  • Help your children find answers to their numerous questions.
  • Guidance in learning their ABCs and 123s.

Pre-School Classes in Abu Dhabi & Mussafah

Preschool classes in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah provide the perfect environment for your toddler to develop their process of thinking. The Kiddiewink Preschool classes offer child development activities that are both physical and emotional.

Our daycare learning program also facilitates your child’s understanding of the world surrounding him/her and makes them ready for their future academics.

Preschool in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a top nursery for your child in Abu Dhabi for your child? Let your search end with us! Time Master Skills Development Center in Abu Dhabi helps your child grow well, educationally, emotionally, mentally, and physically. After your child starts his or her journey with the Time Master’s Skills Development Centre in Abu Dhabi, you can see the difference in his or her overall development.

Our Preschool setting will let your child develop his or her fine-motor skills (learning to write in a perfect manner), and creative and imaginative skills such as drawing, painting, clay modelling etc. our training programs are mostly through hands-on learning in a highly safe and hygienic environment.

Benefits Of Choosing Kindergarden in Abu Dhabi

Preschool is a child’s first experience away from home. A good quality kindergarten will make sure your child’s transition from home to school is smooth and hassle-free. The Kindegarden will also offer a well-organised and planned curriculum which is imparted to your child by our well-trained and efficient staff. The benefits of choosing Kindergarden in Abu Dhabi include:
  • Building a foundation in academics for your kid
  • Preparing them for elementary school
  • Building a foundation in social interaction
  • Nurturing an environment to enhance their creativity and curiosity
  • Setting up a stage for emotional growth for kids
  • Building a sense of responsibility from early childhood

Objectives of Preschool Classes in Abu Dhabi

Preschool helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. The daycare experience is the first opportunity for the child to learn how to share and learn new things in a structured setting. Objectives of our preschool classes in Abu Dhabi include;
  • To develop good personal habits and behaviours in students
  • Providing a Learning environment that is safe, secure, caring and stimulating.
  • Enhance the development and education of children through play.
  • To encourage children to develop self-esteem and to feel valued as an individual.
  • To give children a basic foundation in numbers and letters
  • To boost self-confidence and communication skills in children.

Why Choose Time Master Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi?

The Kid's nursery you choose for your child is an investment that will last a lifetime. Therefore, make sure you choose a preschool that offers high-quality preschool education. Time Master Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi has a proven record of excellence in imparting quality education to kids. Our team of experienced teachers will provide your child with the right learning activities and ensure holistic development in them. We provide;
  • Transportation if required
  • Faculty & staff members are available throughout working hours to resolve any issues/queries.
  • Extra classes for students that require additional support
  • Safe and secure environment for students as they are under CCTV surveillance all the time.

Preschool in Mussafah

Time Master Skills Development Center offers one of the best preschools in the UAE for kids as early as 3 years. At Time Master Preschool in Mussafah, we believe in educating the young ones through fun because they never forget what they learned. We have trained and experienced mentors who incorporate fun and learning hand in hand with the right balance, for children to develop skills that last in the long run throughout their lives. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics which will help in developing your child’s emotional and social intelligence.

Objectives of Preschool Classes in Mussafah

Preschool classes in Mussafah prepare your child for school and further academic activities. Our high-quality daycare will also help in improving the intellectual, social and motor skills of children. In addition to helping your child develop positive relationships with other kids and adults, preschool classes in Mussafah also ensure his or her safety. Major objectives of preschool classes in Mussafah include;
  • Strengthen a child’s emotional and social development
  • Help children satisfy their curiosity through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.
  • Help nurture children's language and cognitive skills.
  • Introduce pre-math and pre-literacy skills to children.
  • Children are taught to do things by themselves such as wash their hands, go to the toilet, take off shoes, etc.
  • Build confidence in children as capable and independent learners.

Why Choose Time Master Kids Nursery in Mussafah?

During the pandemic scenario, any parent is concerned about the development of their child due to a lack of social interaction and one-to-one teaching. Time Master Playschool at Mussafah helps you find the right solution without going far from your home. You can now have access to all the world-class facilities provided by a playschool near your home. Here at Time Master Playschool Mussafah, your child will get.
  • A strong foundation for academics
  • Learn social interaction
  • Prepared for elementary education
  • Nurtured well to grow his/her curiosity and creativity
  • Good emotional quotient
  • Responsible from a very small age

Preschool in Abu Dhabi

Time Master Skills Development Centre Abu Dhabi is situated in Electra Street behind City Seasons Hotel in Zone 11. Time Master Preschool in Abudhabi is one of the best preschools in the UAE to offer an excellent learning space before they begin compulsory education at primary school. You can leave your child with us without worrying that you have left your child all alone with a screen.

Preschool in Mussafah

Time Master Skills Development Centre in Mussafah is located in Mohammed Bin Zayed City to equip your child for the future. We provide a secure and hygienic environment for children to develop their innate abilities to become responsible and productive citizens. Let your kids begin the most important years of their life with one of the best pre-schools in Mussafah.


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