Arabic Language Coaching for Kids in the UAE

Expats living in the Gulf countries might find communicating in the Arabic language challenge! To daily communicate and interact, learning the Arab language would help you. It’s important that kids also take an interest in learning the language to better understand their culture and lifestyle. Learning languages at a tender age can help them learn quickly and easily. At Time Master Skills Development Center, we will get you started right. Time Master Arabic Language Course is available at locations in Abu Dhabi & Mussafah. If you are looking for an Arabic Language Course for your kids near Abu Dhabi or Mussafah, we can help you.

How is Arabic Language Learning for Kids Beneficial?

Arabic Language classes are highly beneficial for kids when offered at a young age. Language learning is easy at a tender age. It will benefit their further academic and professional life. At Time Master, we train students to learn language through various fun-filled activities. This Arabic Language Course will nurture and stimulate children's confidence to learn the language! Our qualified teachers aim to spend quality time with every child. Our Arabic Language active learning programs will:

  • Start from basics
  • Learn from Arabic alphabets
  • Learn to use the Arabic dictionary
  • Study and practice the language usage
  • Speak the language
  • Gain conversation skills 

How Can the Time Master Arabic Language Training Program Help You?

At the Time Master, your child will be involved in various easy-to-learn, fun activities that help in the complete development of their mind and body. 

Our Arabic Language classes can build a strong foundation for kids that will help them further communication in their day-to-day lives. We promote their skills and build interest to learn the language. Our short language courses can help your children know Arabic while in the UAE for their social life. All the government offices and large stores have local employees who know only Arabic. So we help kids understand the language better. 

We focus on blending learning and playing, to make kids learn new things easily and meticulously. We ensure appropriate mentoring towards your Child’s holistic growth. Our Arabic Language Classes for Kids distinguishes itself with the following features: 

  • Learning with Engagement
  • Trained & Experienced Staff 
  • Real-time Monitoring 
  • Child-friendly Ambience 
  • Worldwide transferable certificate
  • Report on student’s performance

Our training in Arabic Language classes in Abu Dhabi is very unique and methodical. Our Arabic Language training by well-trained tutors is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. 

Learning Through Engagement

With our coaching, the children will be developing skills that would benefit them in the future. Children will also learn to work as part of a team that will better build their confidence.

Our course programs are a secure option for working parents to leave the children in, while at work. We take care of your little ones and keep them engaged while you can pursue your careers. Parents can always contact us for any concerns and support. With us, we guarantee that your kids will fly out in colours.

Arabic Language Course For Kids in Abu Dhabi

Regarding language learning, the Arabic language is a popular choice for kids residing in the UAE. There are many reasons why Arabic should be one of the top choices on your child's list of languages to learn. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages globally and holds a significant place in Middle Eastern culture. It is an official language in 26 countries and has over 290 million speakers worldwide.

At Time Master Skill Development Center, we specialise in teaching Arabic to kids of all ages. We offer a variety of programs designed to meet each student's needs. Learning Arabic can give your kids a cultural advantage in their education. We offer Arabic language classes for kids tailored to their age and level of proficiency. Our experienced teachers will help your kids learn this beautiful language quickly and easily!
Kids aged three years and above can enrol in our three-month Arabic Language Course in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose a Time Master For Kids Arabic Language Training in Abu Dhabi?

Arabic is one of the most important languages to learn in the world. Here at Time Master, we believe that our Arabic courses provide the best possible training and development for students of all ages and abilities. Our experienced and qualified teachers use various teaching methods to ensure that students learn the language quickly and effectively. Here are the reasons why you should consider enrolling your child on an Arabic language course at Time Master:

  • Arabic is the language of business in the region
  • The Arabic language is a gateway to understanding Arab culture and customs
  • The Arabic language can improve the education and job prospects
  • Arabic is a fun and exciting language to learn
  • Learning Arabic makes it easier to communicate with natives in the UAE

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable institution to provide your children with a quality Arabic language course, look no further than Time Master.

Arabic Language Course For Kids in Mussafah

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages globally, with over 420 million speakers. It is the official language in 26 countries, and it is also one of the six UN languages. If you are a parent residing in the UAE, it is vital to start teaching your kids Arabic early. At Time Master Skill Development Center, Arabic Course for kids offers classes that will help kids communicate with more of the population in the UAE.

There are many reasons why people might want to learn Arabic. However, there are a few specific reasons why it is suitable for kids to study with Time Master for expats in the UAE. Firstly, knowing Arabic will give your child a deeper understanding of the local culture and help to connect with locals more easily. Secondly, learning Arabic can make your kids' life in the UAE much easier and more enjoyable!

Why Choose Time Master For Your Kids Arabic Classes in Mussafah?

At Time Master's Skills Development Center in Mussafah, we put forth various activities to entertain the young ones. Experienced speakers teach our classes, and our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of modern learners. As expats in the UAE, your kids need to learn Arabic. Here are four reasons why:

  • Arabic is the official language of the UAE. If you want to communicate with locals and get by in day-to-day life, learning Arabic is essential.
  • The UAE is home to many different cultures and religions. Learning Arabic will help you better understand the local population and their customs and traditions.
  • Arabic is an important language worldwide. With around 400 million speakers, it is one of the most commonly spoken languages on earth.
  • Native speakers with experience in teaching teach children. In addition, we offer private tutoring if you require one-on-one attention.

Arabic Course Details

4 and above
Duration3 months
Timing05:00 pm to 06:30 pm
DaysTuesday & Thursday
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport copy
  • A valid national ID card of the student for registration
Teachers/Students Ratio1:12
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Arabic Language Classes at Abu Dhabi

The Time Master Skills Development Center is ideally located on Electra Street, behind City Seasons Hotel. Learning Arabic will give your child access to a rich culture and history that they would not otherwise be able to experience. The United Arab Emirates has always been a multicultural and multilingual country. The UAE has residents from all over the world who have brought their languages and cultures. Therefore, in addition to English, which is the official language of the UAE, Arabic is also an important language to learn.

Arabic Language Classes at Mussafah

Time Master Skills Development Center, ideally located near Mohammed Bin Zayed City, offers an exciting Arabic Language Course for Kids in Mussafah. At Time Master, we offer Arabic language classes for fun and engaging kids. Our teachers are experts in teaching Arabic to children. We use various methods to help them learn quickly and easily. Contact us today to find out more about our Arabic classes for kids!