English Language Course for Kids in Abu Dhabi & Mussafah

English is often called the language of possibilities. If you want your kids to master English language skills, you will have a variety of chances and opportunities for professional growth. Learning the English language is essential nowadays for effective communication and conversation. The earlier your kids learn the language, the easier they master it. Conversations in the English language become a mandatory component in the educational sector. Confidence in using the language is also important. It is a characteristic that many students lack nowadays. At Time Master Skills Development Center, we will help your kids gain language skills & confidence for a successful life. Our English Language Course takes place in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah. We can assist you if you seek English Learning Classes for your child in the region of Abu Dhabi or Mussafah.

How Are English Classes For Kids Beneficial?

Learning a language at one’s younger age helps to build a strong foundation in that language. So, English Language Class will highly support your kids in their upcoming academic and professional life.

Listed below are the merits of English Learning Classes and the major objectives of our English Language Training For Kids:
  • Elevate academic grades and excellence.
  • Boost their skills in grasping a concept.
  • Build confidence to become active in various classrooms.
  • Assist them in pursuing higher studies or careers in the future.
  • Improve their social and communication skills.
  • Learn and communicate better with teachers.
  • Build a good bond with their peers.
  • Develop fine personality skills.
  • Supports them in expressing their thoughts.
English is the medium of communication in many educational institutions. Therefore, children will understand the subjects in their curriculum better at the schools with our English language training program. At Time Master, we train students through various fun-filled activities. It will nurture and stimulate children's interest in learning the language. Our qualified teachers spend quality time with children individually and in groups.
In our English Language active learning programs, your kids will:

  • Start learning from the basics.
  • Learn the English alphabet.
  • Learn the usage of the English dictionary.
  • Master speaking skills in English.
  • Gain communication skills in English.
  • Learn with games, books, and stories.
  • Get flashcards and worksheets for practice.
  • Attain academic base and improvement.

Flashcards mean cards with words, numbers, or pictures displayed on them (as by a teacher) as a learning aid.

Key Focus Of Time Master's English Language Course

The following explains the key focus of Time Master’s English Language Courses:

  • To teach kids pronunciation of words and vocabulary.
  • To prepare them for reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English.
  • To deliver interactive classes through qualified and experienced tutors.
  • To implement real-time monitoring and a child-friendly ambience.
  • To build confidence and self-esteem in children.
  • To make parents free to find time for their professional and personal care.
  • To build better language skills in children for attaining a good career and life in the future.
To guarantee parents that their kids will fly high along with the flexibility to contact the institute at any time of the session.

Learning Through Engagement

With our coaching, the children will be developing skills that would benefit them in the future. Children will also learn to work as part of a team that will better build their confidence.
Our course programs are a secure option for working parents to leave the children in, while at work.

We take care of your little ones and keep them engaged while you can pursue your careers. Parents can always contact us for any concerns and support. With us, we guarantee that your kids will fly out in colours.

English Language Course For Kids In Abu Dhabi

Do you want your child to become proficient in English? We are here to assist you. Time Master offers English language lessons for children in Abu Dhabi. We develop your kids’ English language skills in a pleasant and engaging set-up through our course. So many parents in Abu Dhabi show interest in English Training Centre for children as they realise, the earlier the kids learn a language, the easier it will become.

English is one of the world’s most important languages, and children have to begin their training at a young age to excel in it. Learning a new language helps with children’s cognitive development, academic achievement and many more. Time Master Skills Development Center in Abu Dhabi offers the finest English Language Course to assist children in building their vital life skills. Kids of age 3 years and above can enrol in our three months English Language Course in Abu Dhabi.

Benefits Of Time Master's English Classes For Kids In Abu Dhabi

The following lines list the benefits of Time Master’s English classes For Kids in Abu Dhabi:

  • Proficiency in the English language at your children’s early age can bring many benefits to their academics and future professional life.
  • Employers highly seek English language skills in job aspirants. Learning English from childhood can build strong language skills in them.
  • It helps your children to travel across the world at any point in their life without the barriers of language.
  • Travelling helps your children to explore different cultures and the diversity of the world. As a result, they will become good human beings with greater personalities.
  • It also helps them to live or work in their favourite country without language obstacles.
  • It improves their concentration, memory, attention, creativity, problem-solving skills, and mental health.

Why Choose Time Master For Kids English Language Training In Abu Dhabi

We implement a variety of activities and learning strategies to help kids learn English in an interactive and fun way. We introduce experienced & passionate teachers to kids. We use the latest technology and tools to help students learn English quickly and effectively. We offer a variety of activities and tasks to suit your child's needs, and we make learning fun.

Here are some reasons that will make you choose Time Training Center’s English language course for children.

  • English is the most common language spoken in the world.
  • Learning English at a young age will help improve your child's cognitive skills.
  • English Proficiency opens doors to better job opportunities in your kids’ future.
  • Children who Learn English at a young age tend to have an easier time picking up other languages later on in life.

English Language Class For Kids in Mussafah

Do you want your kid to communicate fluently in English? We are here to help you. Time Master provides English courses for children in Mussafah. Through our training, we help your children improve their English language abilities in a fun and engaging environment. Many parents in Mussafah display a keen desire for English language training for their children because they know that the earlier kids learn a language, the simpler it becomes.

English is one of the world's most significant languages, and children must begin learning it at an early age to move ahead. Learning a new language promotes children's cognitive development, academic success, and many other factors. Time Master Skills Development Center in Mussafah provides the best English language Course in the nation.
Children aged 3 and above can enrol in our three-month English Language Course in Mussafah.

Benefits Of Time Master's English classes For Kids In Mussafah

The following paragraph shows some of the advantages of Time Master's English language sessions for children in Mussafah:
  • English language proficiency in your children at a young age can provide several benefits in their academics and future professional lives.
  • It also allows people to live or work in their preferred nation without facing language barriers.
  • It boosts their concentration, memory, attention, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and overall mental wellness.
  • Employers value English language skills in job candidates. Studying English from a young age can help kids develop good language abilities.
  • Travelling allows your children to learn about diverse cultures and the world's uniqueness. As a result, they will become better people with greater character.
  • It enables your children to travel throughout the world without linguistic hurdles at any time in their lives.

Why Choose Time Master For Your Kids' English Language Class In Mussafah?

Our activities and learning strategies help children learn English dynamically and pleasantly. We connect kids with skilled and committed teachers. To help kids learn fast and efficiently, we assign cutting-edge technology and resources. We include a range of projects to fulfil the needs of your kid, and we make learning interesting.
Here are some of the reasons why you should enrol your child in Time Training Center's English language training:

  • English is the most widely spoken language on the planet.
  • Learning English at an early age will aid in the development of your child's brain functions.
  • English proficiency opens the door to excellent work options for your children in the future.
  • Children that study English at an early age have an easier time taking up the language.

English Course Details


4 and above

Duration4 Days a week
Timing 04:30 pm to 06:30 pm
DaysMonday To Friday
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport Copy
  • A valid national ID card of the student for registration
Teachers/Students Ratio1:10

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English Language Classes in Abu Dhabi

Time Master Skills Development Center is ideally located on Electra Street, behind City Seasons Hotel, to offer an English Language Course in Abu Dhabi for Kids. Your kids will learn new vocabulary and grammar while having a great time with the English Language Course. We also focus on developing important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help your child achieve his or her goals!

English Language Classes in Mussafah

Time Master Skills Development Center, ideally located near Mohammed Bin Zayed City, offers exciting Language Courses for Kids in Mussafah. The ability to speak, read, and write in English can give your child a head start in life. Studies have shown that early exposure to second languages helps improve problem-solving skills, memory, and critical thinking. Our experienced faculty and small class sizes allow us to focus on each student's individual needs and help them reach their full potential.


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