01 Jul, 2023

Fancy Dress Competition

Abu Dhabi | Mussafah
Fancy Dress Competition

The young painters today become great artists tomorrow. With effective mentoring and guidance, we can help kids develop their skills to the next level. Drawing and Painting are one way of expressing emotions. Children can be trained easily to enhance their skills and benefit greatly both cognitively and emotionally from experiencing art. Kids will also learn to achieve great emotional satisfaction by expressing their thoughts through colours. With no doubt, Drawing and Painting opens a world of colours for them. Art will encourage your child to think outside of the box and think creatively in life.

At Time Master, we organise Drawing and Painting Competition. This competition is to appreciate young artists and encourage them to develop their potential. For kids of 5-10 years, this competition will be an eye-opener and an encouragement to try new things in life. Art is to explore and we welcome your kids to discover colours.


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