07 Mar, 2022

Robotics Competition 2022

Abu Dhabi | Mussafah
Robotics Competition 2022

When a child learns Robotics at a tender age, it can develop their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Today, in this world of innovation and technology, honing programming skills and enhancing creativity skills at a younger age will benefit largely in future careers. A robotics program for kids will encourage their problem-solving capability and teamwork. With hands-on training and fun learning, children can easily acquire computer programming skills in Robotics classes.

At Time Master Skill Development Center, we organise Robotics Competition for kids to ignite their curiosity and innovative skills. The use of robotics programs in education is gaining popularity now as it develops numerous STEM skills. This competition for kids of 7-14 years is to boost their confidence and creativity.


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