11 Mar, 2023

Drawing and Painting Competition

Abu Dhabi | Mussafah
Drawing and Painting Competition

Time Master is conducting a Drawing and Painting competition for kids to bring out the artist in them. This competition is open to all children aged 5-11 and is a great opportunity for the kids to showcase your artistic talents. Whether you prefer to draw with pencils or paint with watercolors, we welcome all forms of art. The competition is to be held on 11th March, 2023.

Drawing and Painting are beneficial for children in many ways. They help to develop fine motor skills, as children use their hands and fingers to hold and manipulate the paintbrush or pencil. These activities also promote creativity and imagination, as children can express themselves through their artwork. Furthermore, painting and drawing can improve hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness, as children learn to visually plan out their creations. Additionally, painting and drawing can be a great stress-reliever and outlet for emotions, as children can express themselves through their artwork. Overall, painting and drawing are valuable activities that can help children develop a variety of skills and express themselves in a creative and enjoyable way.


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