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Want to help your kids learn a new language? Language courses for kids at Abu Dhabi & Mussafah offer classes in various languages from basics

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Our Curriculum

At Time Master Skills Development Center, we offer a balanced curriculum based on research and best practices for children of ages 3 to 6. We do not simply guide our students, but rather we help them communicate in the language. We make sure that every student who gets enrolled with us gets complete satisfaction in understanding and learning the language he/she is studying. 

The best time to learn a second language is at an early age. It is children who can learn languages faster and easier. They have more time to learn, fewer inhibitions, and a brain designed for quick learning. Teaching your child a second language at an early age can prepare him/her to be an expert problem solver in the future. A high-quality Language Course program can build a strong foundation for them. 

At Time Master Skills Development Center, we will get you started right. We offer several language courses for kids. 

Key Focus :-
  • Improvement in academic performance

  • Gaining a strong foundation in language

  • Easy learning in higher classes

  • Learning with fun activities

  • Routine Parents and Teachers meeting

  • Periodical Tests and Assessments 

Each learning experience is tailored to your child’s learning capabilities and learning difficulty.

Language courses include: 
  • Arabic training 

  • Hindi language training 

  • English language training 

  • French language training 

  • Tamil language training 

  • Malayalam Language Training 

Children can participate and learn languages according to their interests. These courses focus on building a strong foundation that will help them in the future.

A DEDICATED TEAM -Inspiring Teachers

A Language coaching program can be an amazing experience for your kids. To make it worthwhile, we ensure that our trainers are well equipped. We have specially trained staff & teachers to help your child start their first step into a new world of letters and language development. Our staff and trainers are always there to help your child get comfortable in the nurturing environment. 

Why are Language Classes for Children beneficial?

Time Master Child Development Center has a new-age Mindful Curriculum, which emphasizes that the child will Play, Learn and Grow to imbibe essential life skills through exploration and discovery. Various Language lessons for kids are designed to build the learning ability and creativity of children.

Our Language Course program includes Arabic training, Hindi language training, English language training, French language training, Tamil language training, and Malayalam Language Training. Kids Language Learning courses are beneficial in that they can help to:

  • Learn faster and easier

  • Improve problem-solving ability

  • Build creativity skills

  • Enhance future career opportunities

  • Connect with other cultures and build tolerance

Why Choose Time Master Language Training for Your Child?

When selecting an education center for Language Courses, you should choose the one that has a proven record for excellence. Time Master has locations in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah, providing coaching for the academic program and educational experiences available for children. 

While adults require more attention and time to understand a language, children are more enthusiastic and capable. Our teachers ensure that each child understands the concepts properly. Our focus is on creating opportunities for children to use their natural curiosity to lead them through discovery, imagination, questioning, learning, and growing. With a globalized economy and fast-changing world, learning a new language opens up unprecedented opportunities

We provide :
  • Transportation if required

  • Flexibility - Parents can bring their children at their desired time

  • Faculty & staff members are available throughout the working hours to resolve any issues/queries

  • Extra classes for students that require additional support

  • We offer a safe and secure environment for students as they are under CCTV surveillance all the time

Language Courses for Kids in Abu Dhabi

Time Master offers various language courses for kids in Abu Dhabi. We offer Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, French, and English classes to kids. We help them learn a language quickly and easily through various fun-filled activities. Make language learning easier for kids with our language courses.

Language Courses for Kids in Mussafah

Time Master offers various language courses for kids in Mussafah. We offer Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, French, and English classes to kids. Our trainers provide tailored lessons for the individual requirement of the students. We help them learn the language at a tender age through fun-filled activities.


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