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Chess Classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi, Chess Training, Chess Coaching in Abu Dhabi

Chess Classes for Kids

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Chess is known as the game of wit. It is a game that involves a high level of intellectualism and by introducing this course at Times Master the child gets exposed to the basic concepts, rules and the method to play the game. We try to make the child an all-rounder and this cannot be accomplished alone by the methodologies of theoretical subjects. We have a special session for the children that are 5 years and above in age as they are able to understand the concepts of this game.

This game has scientifically proved to be beneficial as it sharpens the mental skills, improves the power of concentration, enhances the IQ level of an individual and most importantly kills the chances of Alzheimer's disease. We at Time Master have an aim to provide chess classes for kids so as to make them excel in their academics as well. Unless the mind of a child is not sharp, he/she will not be able to understand the concepts of the subjects that are being taught. Not only children but teenagers are also welcome to avail this course at Time Master in Abu Dhabi as this will fetch a lot more benefits in future.