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Developing a healthy lifestyle for kids includes incorporating fitness into their daily life and Zumba is a perfect option for making fitness fun. Zumba movements and activities are one of the best creative programs for children. It's not just a part of fitness, but an activity that will help children maintain a balanced lifestyle. If you are looking for some healthy and quality performing opportunities for your child, Zumba Kids classes are the best. Time Master's Zumba classes in Abu Dhabi provide children with ample opportunity to be active and jam out to their favourite music. Our Zumba classes incorporate key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness. Times Master introduces Zumba dance training classes that will engage kids, enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

How Can Time Master’s Zumba Classes For Kids Help Your Child?

At Time Master, your child will be involved in various easy-to-learn, fun activities that help in the complete development of their mind and body. Our Zumba classes will ensure that children are confident in managing the different changes in body throughout their growth. We focus on blending learning and playing, to make kids learn new things quickly and meticulously. We ensure appropriate mentoring towards your child’s holistic growth.

What Are the Benefits of Zumba Training for Kids?

The Zumba training program will help your kids as a creative activity rather than a fun exercise. This course will nurture and stimulate children's passion and build their confidence to express their thoughts through movements. Our experienced teachers will spend quality time with every child. With Time Master’s Zumba classes for kids will help;

  • Burn fat in an easy and fun way
  • Get a full-body workout
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve neuromuscular coordination
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased muscular strength and aerobic fitness
  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Increased overall physical confidence
  • Greater self-motivation
  • Improved mental dexterity
  • Better social skills

Features of Zumba Training in Abu Dhabi

Time Master’s Zumba Course for Kids in Abu Dhabi distinguishes itself with the following features:

  • Fun-filled Fitness: Our Zumba classes for kids are designed to make exercise enjoyable and entertaining, combining dynamic dance moves and energetic music to create a vibrant and exciting workout experience.
  • Age-Appropriate Customisation: We tailor our Zumba classes to suit the age and abilities of the children, ensuring that the dance routines and movements are appropriate and engaging for each group.
  • Certified Zumba Instructors: Our classes are led by certified Zumba instructors who specialise in working with children, providing expert guidance, motivation, and creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for learning.
  • Development of Coordination and Motor Skills: Through the diverse dance routines and movements, our Zumba classes help children develop coordination, balance, agility, and overall motor skills in a fun and dynamic way.
  • Boost in Confidence and Self-expression: Zumba classes encourage children to express themselves through movement, helping to boost their self-confidence, body awareness, and foster a positive self-image.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness and Endurance: The energetic nature of Zumba dance workouts helps improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and stamina in children, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Social Interaction and Teamwork: Our Zumba classes provide opportunities for children to interact, make new friends, and develop teamwork skills through group dance activities and partner exercises.
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity: Zumba incorporates various dance styles and music genres from around the world, exposing children to different cultures and promoting inclusivity and diversity.
  • Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being: Zumba classes provide a fun and energetic outlet for children to release stress, improve mood, and enhance their overall emotional well-being.
  • Progression and Achievement: Children have the opportunity to track their progress and celebrate their achievements as they learn new dance routines, improve their skills, and reach personal fitness goals.

How Does Zumba Work For Your Kid?

The Time Master’s Zumba dance classes for children are personalised to cater to the specific age, physical strength, and individual needs of your child. Each student's program is carefully tailored, taking into consideration various factors. Children as young as five years old can easily participate in Zumba classes, which typically last between forty-five minutes to one hour and are led by qualified and certified Zumba instructors.

The workout incorporates enjoyable and dynamic movements to elevate the heart rate, leaving kids feeling energised and active throughout the day. Zumba sessions begin with a gentle warm-up to prepare the kids' bodies, gradually increasing in intensity as the workout progresses. Towards the end, the intensity reduces, serving as a cool-down phase. The choice of songs aligns with the pace of the exercise during each phase of the session. Intervals between songs also allow participants to catch their breath and stay hydrated.

Why Choose Time Master For Kids Zumba Course in Abu Dhabi?

Do you want your child to get in shape, have fun, and make new friends? If so, a Zumba course for kids in Abu Dhabi is the perfect solution! Here are a few reasons why you should choose our Zumba Classes:

  • Fun and engaging: un and engaging:ctors know how to keep kids entertained and engaged during class. They will have a blast dancing along to the music.
  • Safe and supportive: We take safety seriously at our school. Our instructors are certified and experienced in working with children. They will ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable experience while taking our classes.
  • Socialisation opportunities: Taking a Zumba course for kids in Abu Dhabi is an excellent way for your child to socialise and make new friends.
  • Improve coordination and balance: These skills are essential for children who want to participate in sports or other physical activities later in life.
  • Boost your child's confidence: They will feel proud of themselves and develop confidence when their body gets fit.

At Time Master, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible experience. Join us and start building a healthy lifestyle habit for your kid today!

Zumba Course Details

Age4 and above
Duration3 months
Timing05:00 pm to 06:00 pm
DaysThursday & Saturday
Medium of instructionEnglish
Registration Requirements
  • A valid Passport copy
  • A valid national ID card of the student for registration
Teachers/Students Ratio1:10

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Zumba Classes in Abu Dhabi

Discover the perfect blend of fitness and fun for your child with Time Master’s Zumba Classes in Abu Dhabi. We offer an exciting and engaging program for your children, ensuring they have a great time while staying active and healthy. Our Zumba classes are led by certified instructors who specialise in working with kids. They create a vibrant and supportive environment where children can unleash their energy, express themselves through movement, and learn various dance styles from around the world. Enrol your child in our Zumba Classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi and introduce them to a lifelong love of fitness and dance. Watch your child build confidence, make new friends, and create healthy habits that will benefit them for years to come. Enrol Now.