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Time Master Skills Development Center

Time Master Skills Development Center is the topmost skill-developing center for children in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah. We help children learn new skills and develop their potential to be competent learners. Having a great teacher-student ratio, we take pride in offering outstanding teaching services to the children. With skill development being an essential part of our day-to-day lives, parents need to ensure that children build their capabilities and learn advanced skills. At our skill development center, we offer your children training on Soft skills, Handwriting, Robotics, Personality Development, Painting, Abacus, etc. For each of the skills training, we have diverse professionals who have immense expertise in their respective areas. Our trainers are patient and compassionate to help children improve their skills in different aspects they are interested in.

Our vision is to focus not only on academics but encourage and nurture their extra talents. We are keen on providing safe and clean facilities for your children with proper assistance from caretakers. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that your children learn new skills quickly in a friendly atmosphere. We also conduct skill development activities like summer/ winter/spring programs to make their holidays more pleasurable. Your kids will be safe in our hands and we promise to build their future carefully. After all, Learning through Fun is how we build the world for them.

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Standard Education

We provide standard after school educational programs by integrating academics with programs that promote the social, emotional, and physical development of children. While providing focused learning opportunities, we train your child to learn, grow and support academic achievement through:

A Loving and Caring Environment

Science and Maths Coaching

Language Training

Cyber Safety

Play and Social Skills

Are you concerned about your child's play and skils? We can support your child's social skills development by playing with your kids and modelling their positive social behaviours in the way you want them to use them. We approach your children's play social skills development through:

Social play



Problem Solving

Perspective Taking

Environmental Awareness

Given the increasing environment challenges we are facing, it is about making your children aware of the environment. We follow a hands-on teaching style and show your child how to be environmentally responsible through:

Reducing Waste

Reusing Resources

Recycling Materials

Planting Trees

Saving Water

Effective use of Energy