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Abacus Classes

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We all are more familiar with abacus as a calculation toy by many people. Similarly, the trainers at Time Master utilize this quality of teaching abacus to the young minds for sharpening the mathematical skills. Teaching abacus is the easiest way for making a child's calculating skills sharp in a lesser duration of time. Learning the calculations through abacus helps in improving memory, develops thinking power and improves the mental speed of calculating the numbers quickly.

Children at Time Master are taught this skill because learning abacus has become essential in many schools thus, your child will not feel alienated when he/she will be introduced to the abacus in the future. Also, we all agree that not all children like the subject of mathematics as they cannot perform the right calculations and this in turn makes them down in this subject ahead. This can leave a bad impression of being a dunce in the subject. Even parents may feel that they should have provided a proper coaching to their child, so, to make the child excel in mathematics we provide them with abacus training- a fun to learn difficult mathematical calculation in no time.